Health Level Seven

ISHEP 2013 in Dubrovnik

We are happy to announce that ISHEP conference is under auspices of Ministry of Health, Republic of Croatia, and confirmed to take place in beautiful city of Dubrovnik on 6th and 7th of November, 2013.

These prominent speakers held presentations:

1) Prim. Siniša Varga, CEO, DMD, Croatian Health Insurance Fund

2) Ms. Tatjana Prendja Trupec, Deputy Head and CIO, Croatian Health Insurance Fund

3) Prof. Dipak Kalra, University College London, President of EuroREC

4) Ms. Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General at COCIR , Brussels

5) Dr. Charles Jaffe, HL7 Inc CEO, USA

6) Mr. Darko Gvozdanovic, Certified HL7 CDA Expert, Member of HL7 Croatia Board